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Take me away.

looks like my ride is here


You know most people think of the word weasel as a bad term, but have you ever looked at an actual weasel? Like, a real one?


awww :)




it’s so cute!




Oh god I just can’t-

And let’s not forget that the average weasel is also roughly the size of a banana. Because it clearly wasn’t adorable enough already

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"Well get on with it then. I thought you wanted to kiss me…. I’m getting rather tired standing on my tip toes, so I’d rather you kiss me now than a thousand years from now… I don’t see why you can’t lean down and do it- since you’re so much taller than me. This is so embarrassing. I am going to hit you with my walking stick if you don’t hurry up and-
…Well that wasn’t so hard now was it.” 

I orginally wanted to draw kissy sebaciel, but I chickened out because I can’t draw Sebastian and I’ve never really done a kiss scene before so x_x (just pretend Sebastian is standing over him with a knowing smile, torturing the poor boy)



on the one hand bronies “coming out” as a ponysexual or whatever because they think it’s just as dangerous as being gay is appropriative and homophobic as hell but on the other hand imagine some 22 year old with premature balding twisting his fedora in his greasy hands as he tearfully explains to his horrorstruck parents that he jacks off to technicolor horses 

there’s a reddit thread devoted to people grumping about this very post


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